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Media executives cannot be members of Council on Freedom of speech

23.07.2019, 15:13
Due to eventual clash of interests, no media executives, neither heads of editorials offices could enter the scheduled to be formed Council on Freedom of Speech at the President of Ukraine, as Yuliya Mendel, press officer for the head of state, told on her Facebook page on July 22. "The Council cannot include the media and editorial offices executives, because of an obvious conflict of interest.  Please, also delegate to the Council representatives from journalists' organizations and professional associations. The constituent meeting of the Council is scheduled to be held in early August, so we ask not to delay defining the representative of your editorial office in it ", she aid. The president's spokesperson said that only representatives of the national-wide mass media and professional organizations and trade unions are invited to be members of the council, while the regional media are invited to create similar consultative and advisory councils under the state regional administrations. "Because of the technical problem, we ask all those who sent the letter to [email protected] from July 17 to July 19 with the proposals of its candidates to the Council on Freedom of Speech under the President of Ukraine and did not receive a reply to resend your letters," she added. One should remind, on July 17, the deputy Head of the Office of the President Kyrylo Tymoshenko stated the Council on Freedom of Speech under the President of Ukraine was to be formed. Later on the site of the president published a message according to which, the council will include one representative from each edition of the national media. It is expected that the Council will help to fix and eliminate threats to freedom of speech and censorship. Among the priorities is  a  protection of journalists' rights to the profession, it will include representatives of law enforcement agencies and media consultants.
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