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Mariupol journalist Yuriy Nekrasovsky dies

08.01.2024, 16:58

Mariupol journalist, writer, engineer Yuriy Nekrasovsky died in the Kyiv oblast. His last book, "A Century of Fire", is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Ilyich plant, reports

Yuriy Nekrsovsky met Russia's full-scale invasion in his apartment in Mariupol. In the very first days of the attack, the Russians burned down the 9-story building where Yuriy lived. His cat died in the fire, which also destroyed the journalist's post stamps collection. Yuriy Nekrasovsky was rescued and carried to a bomb shelter by his neighbors.

Later, his friends helped take him to the hospital, where the occupiers had set up a military infirmary.

"I became a hostage of the Russians and starved for almost two weeks. The nasty stuff (the scoundrels from the Russian administration called it 'food'): once a day at 4:00 p.m., one glass of drink with 4–5 pieces of macaroni, 2–3 pieces of potatoes, 100 grams of bread (on a rare occasion; I think they could have been stealing it) and hot water (also 100 grams) with no salt whatsoever. I could have died of hunger in those 2–3 weeks, and I already wished for that. I lost 14.5 kg of weight, I felt nothing anymore," said Yuriy Nekrasovsky about those terrible days of 2022.

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Yuri Nekrasovsky was the man who started the city's first tourist club and began to develop tourism: first at the machine-building plant "Azovmash", and then in the entire city.

In the hospital where neighbors brought Nekrasovsky, he met a tourist who knew him. She helped him find friends who took him to the Ukraine-controlled territory.

Yuriy Nekrasovsky died on January 7 in his new home. He was allocated a separate modular house 40 km away from Kyiv. These modular houses were provided for refugees from the east by the US. Nekrasovsky also received a small plot of land around the house. He planned to write a memoir, but only lived in his new home for 2 days.

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