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Mariupol defender Dmytro Kozatsky wins International Photography Awards with his Azovstal shots

19.09.2022, 13:29
Photo: Dmytro Kozatsky
Photo: Dmytro Kozatsky

Mariupol defender and Azov Regiment's photographer Dmytro (Orest) Kozatsky, who is currently in captivity, won the first and third places at the International Photography Awards for his Azovstal photo series The Light Will Win.

This is stated on the contest's website, reports Espreso.

Dmytro Kozatsky won the 1st Place in the category "Editorial / Press/War / Conflict" and the 3rd Place in the category "Editorial / Press/Photo Essay / Feature Story."

Also, his works were included in the top five chosen by the jury: XuXin Zhao and Michael Zajakowski.

"I think the world held its breath as the Russians relentlessly attacked the Azovstal steel mill, the last holdout of a devastated Mariupol. This essay took great courage, and it shows great courage in the face of war," Michael Zajakowski stressed.

The award's website reminds that Dmytro Kozatsky took these photos at the Azovstal plant, which "was a stronghold and served as a shelter for thousands of people, when Mariupol was being sieged and destroyed by the Russian army during spring 2022."

"For weeks people stayed there without even any medicine. It is unknown who of these people is still alive – all of them, including the photographer, became prisoners of war. Humanitarian organizations aren't given any access to them. On July 29, 2022, horrendous massacre in Olenivka on russia-controlled territory, happened when explosions took lives of over 50 prisoners of war," noted the International Photography Awards.

On September 10, captured "Azov" fighter Dmytro Kozatsky won gold and silver at a photo exhibition in Paris for a series of Azovstal photos The Light Will Win.

As IMI reported, in June, Mariupol defender and Azov Regiment's photographer Dmytro Kozatsky won a special award at the Polish Grand Press Photo 2022.

Currently, Dmytro Kozatsky is a prisoner of the Russians, like the rest of the Azovstal defenders.

Before leaving the plant's premises, he posted a photo from Azovstal and encouraged people to send his photos to photo contests and awards.

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