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Malyar asks not to share the video of a Ukrainian soldier being executed and not to make assumptions as to his identity

12.04.2023, 17:45
Photo: Hanna Malyar on Facebook
Photo: Hanna Malyar on Facebook

The Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Hanna Malyar, has asked the public to stop sharing the video of a Ukrainian soldier being executed by the Russian occupiers, which was first posted on April 11. She also asked not to make public assumptions about the identity of the deceased.

She wrote this on her Telegram channel.

According to her, all competent Ukrainian services are "studying the video thoroughly" frame by frame in order to identify the war criminals.

"This is what we were doing tonight, together with other law enforcement agencies and special services. We are doing everything to identify the deceased. It is important for all of us to understand that identifying a person by video, and even more so a person in such circumstances, is an extremely difficult task. Therefore, we are asking you to refrain from theorizing publicly until there are any official conclusions. Please respect the relatives of the deceased, do not make any public assumptions about the identity of the deceased, even if you are absolutely sure that you have recognized him," Malyar wrote.

She also asks to stop sharing this video or any similar video footage. "Now that everyone has seen it, prosecutors and the International Court of Justice should be the ones watching it," she added.

It will be recalled that on April 12, the Security Service of Ukraine started a pre-trial investigation into the execution of a Ukrainian soldier, who was brutally tortured and beheaded by the Russian occupiers. The investigation is being conducted under the article on violation of the laws and customs of war – Part 2 of Art. 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

On the evening of April 11, a video wherein, according to the, men in military uniforms with white ribbons (usually used by the Russian military in Ukraine to identify one another) decapitate a living person wearing a uniform with Ukrainian insignia was posted on social media.

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