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Lviv city council will conduct financial audit of communal newspaper "Ratusha"

27.11.2017, 23:19
Department of financial control of Lviv city council will conduct a financial audit of the communal enterprise, editorial office of the newspaper “Ratusha”, for 2014-2016, and for the end of the reporting period of 2017. The audit will be conducted under assignment of the Lviv city mayor by December 15 of this year. This was reported in the department “Administration of city mayor”, reports with a reference to the press service of Lviv city council. “Управління фінансового контролю від сьогоднішнього дня розпочинає проведення перевірки. До питання додаткового фінансування газети “Ратуша” з бюджету міста ми повернемось після результатів перевірки. Наразі зарплата працівникам редакції виплачується в межах тих призначень, які є”, - розповів в.о. директора департаменту “Адміністрація міського голови” Євген Бойко. The media outlet reminds that on November 17, the mayor's office of Lviv refused to raise salaries for the employees of the newspaper “Ratusha”. According to Andriy Sadovyi, they mayor's office does not have any information about the financial and economic activities of the newspaper, of which the city council is the founder. According to the media outlet, newspaper “Ratusha” formally is subordinated to the city council, yet it is remarkable for its consistent and acute criticism of the city mayor personally, and his whole administration in general. Currently, the newspaper is in transition from being communal to being private. Як повідомляє Львівський портал, рішення про перевірку фінансової діяльності було ухвалено сьогодні, 24 листопада, виконавчим комітетом Львівської міськради. At the meeting of the executive committee of the city council, the newspaper staff of “Ratusha” appeared. Editor-in-chief of the media outlet, Mykola Savelyev, demanded to allocate funds for salaries of the staff. The city mayor, however, did not visit the session. “At the previous session, city mayor Andriy Sadovyi came out with a false statement. He said that we refused to undergo audit. In November of 2016, we went through a complete audit. Sadovyi said that we have mad salaries. Salaries of our employees is 4 thousand hryvnias”, Savelyev said. He also addressed the executive committee members, asking them why they removed the issue of newspaper of salaries from the agenda of executive committees, in spite of both budget commission and mayor administration approving it. As a result, the executive committee ordered to conduct the audit of the newspaper by December 1. After this, the committee will need to make a decision on allocating funds for salaries (or not doing so).
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