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"LPR" captured journalist of "Vesti" Serhiy Boyko and photo reporter Oleksander Harmatenko

01.10.2014, 01:26

On September 22, in the city of Antracyt (Luhanska oblast) journalist Serhiy Boyko, who works as freelancer for the newspaper “Vesti” and the magazine “Reporter”, was detained by gunmen of the intelligence services of the self-proclaimed "Luhansk People’s Republic." The photo reporter Oleksander Harmatenko was detained together with him. Currently, “Vesty” has no contact with either of them. 

Boyko and Harmatenko went to Antracyt to prepare a news story and are believed to have been detained by Chieftain Kozitsyn’s Kazaks and suspected of being spies.

On September 30, both Serhiy Boyko and Oleksander Harmatenko were found in Sverdlovsk (Luhanska oblast) without documents or outwear. They are facing difficulties in returning to Kyiv as they have to pass a lot of checkpoints and it will be close to impossible without proper IDs on them.  

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