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Local journalist injured in the Russian strike on Chernihiv

21.08.2023, 14:19
Photo: Arsen Chepurny on Facebook
Photo: Arsen Chepurny on Facebook

Arsen Chepurny, a reporter for the outlet "Chas Chernihivsky" was injured in the arm when a Russian missile hit the Shevchenko Regional Music and Drama Theater in downtown Chernihiv on August 19.

The journalist reported this on his Facebook page.

At the moment of the impact, he and the website's cameraman, Dmytro Falchevsky, were at the theater, which hosted the drone exhibition "Angry Birds Fly to Chernihiv".

"Me and cameraman Dmytro Falchevsky, were in the theater building, just making our way to the shelter when the missile hit. I received a slight wound in my arm and was immediately provided with first aid had a bandage applied to the wound in the shelter," he wrote.

According to him, the event's organizers "had been very persistently asking everyone to proceed to the shelter since the air raid alert first sounded."

He also added that journalists were only notified of where the event was to take place a few hours beforehand.

"Evacuation and first aid to the injured were promptly arranged. Rescuers, medics and the police worked in sync and quickly," Arsen Chepurny noted.

In his comment to the IMI representative in Chernihiv oblast, Arsen Chepurny noted that after the explosion he had not noticed his arm bleeding heavily right away. There were paramedics with a first-aid kit in the shelter, so they promptly applied a bandage on the wound.

"More severely injured people were being carried to the theater's shelter, but I did not see any dead bodies," added Chepurny.

According to the journalist, he did not seek medical help, as Chernihiv hospitals were already overloaded with more seriously wounded people. He changes the bandage on his own and is already at work.

The Suspilne Chernihiv filming crew was at the event, too; they took cover in the shelter and were unharmed. "In the first minutes, our journalists were helping tending to the wounded," the Suspilne Chernihiv editor-in-chief told the IMI representative.

We remind that on August 19, at around 11:30, the Russian troops struck the center of Chernihiv with an Iskander-M missile, hitting the regional music and drama theater. The strike affected 163 people: 7 died and 156 were injured.

Pavlo Pushchenko, Kateryna Dyachuk

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