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File a complaint hacked, hackers post truthful news about the war

09.05.2022, 12:52
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Popular russian website was hacked on May 9. Instead of editorial content, it featured dozens of anti-war news with a disclaimer: "This material has not been not approved by the management, and for posting it, the presidential administration will distribute kick the publication's ass, in other words, SCREENSHOT NOW before it is deleted."

The main news on as of 10:15 Kyiv time looked like this:

  • putin has unleashed one of the bloodiest wars of the 21st century
  • Zelensky turned out to be cooler than putin
  • The russian elite turned out to be pathetically weak
  • vladimir putin has become a pathetic paranoid dictator
  • russia will be forced to pay multibillion-dollar reparations to Ukraine
  • vladimir putin is afraid to reveal the truth about his family
  • Russia threatens to destroy the whole world
  • The russian elite is sick with nepotism and libel
  • putin and his associates will face tribunal

Similar news appeared in all website sections, but the editors of the publication quickly corrected the situation and returned their texts. was once the most popular news website on the russian-speaking Internet. In early 2014, the publication was the only russian media outlet that sought to objectively cover information about the events in Crimea and mainland Ukraine during the occupation of the peninsula.

In mid-March 2014, a large part of the editorial office resigned due to pressure from the owner and later launched a new media outlet "Meduza."

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