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Law enforcers conduct search at the house of chief editor of National Radio (updated)

16.11.2017, 21:00
Vice-head of the chief  editor of the National Radio Company of Ukraine, Svitlana Mialik claims that the officers of the prosecutor's office visited her and searched her apartment. She reported this on her Facebook page. She thinks that the search is related to her professional activities. “Lately, I started supervising special projects of UkrRadio. In particular, journalist investigations. There were threats. The cases were related to shadow schemes of preventing funds from getting transferred to the budget", she wrote. In the comments, she added that “they search for flash drives, phones, and a notebook”. Speaker of SBU Olena Hitliarska in the comments wrote “you know what this is about - certainly not with you or your professional activities!”. According to the speaker “the case of her relative is in the prosecutor's office”. In the comments for IMI, Svitlana Mialik said  that the search is still in process, and that five officers are present at her place. She also said that no explanations about the purpose of the search were given. They only said that they are looking for documents and electronic memory devices. The journalist added that lately she was harassed and threatened: someone inscribed swear words on her car, then the car was smashed and she had to repair it. She also said that the search could be related to one of her relative, but she does not understand why they are searching her personal apartment for this. SBU press secretary Olena Hitlianska in her comment for “Ukrainska pravda” said that the search was supposed to be conducted in her brother's apartment, not hers. However, SBU plays just a supplementary role in this investigation, conducted by the Prosecutor's office of Ukraine. Mialik considers this a form of pressure against her as she tried to expose some shadow schemes of governmental officials.
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