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Law enforcement officers came to ZIK office in Lviv to conduct search

06.09.2017, 19:39
Law enforcement agencies officers came to the office of the information agency and TV channel ZIK in Lviv at 3 Voronoho street. This was reported at ZIK website. As the reason for the search, the officers said it is a part of investigation of traffic accident with car belonging to the investor of ZIK, Petro Dyminskyi, which took place on September 18 near Lviv. At that, the editorial staff mentioned that Petro Dyminskyi himself ever was in the office in question once, eight years ago, during its opening ceremony. “This is crossing all limits, the only name I have for it is raider attack. The work of the TV studio and information agency is partly blocked. There is no logic whatsoever in the actions of the officers. This is a political order of Avakov and Co., plain and simple. I will not be surprised if our audience will switch to ZIK tomorrow and will see nothing, and they will just say, because of the traffic accident, the broadcasting of the channel is ceased”, Director General of the media holding ZIK Ihor Turkevych said. For the context, on August 18, car owned by Petro Dyminskyi got into traffic accident, as a result of which Natalia Trila, 31-year-old woman, died. In mass media, there was information that Dyminskyi personally was present at the site of the accident and that he might be in fault for the accident. The security guard of the businessman Andriy Borshch claimed he was driving, but DNA analysis showed that it was not so. Petro Dyminskyi himself left Ukraine and on August 22 and still stays abroad.
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