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Kyiv bids farewell to "Kyiv" TV channel host Andriy Zahoruyko, killed in action

21.02.2023, 19:53
Photo: Yan Dobronosov/Telegraf
Photo: Yan Dobronosov/Telegraf

Today, on February 21, Kyiv bid farewell to the host of TV channel "Kyiv", Andriy Zahoruyko, a serviceman who was killed in action in the fall of 2022. The TV channel released a story about this.

Andriy has been working on the "Kyiv" since 2012, first as a director for two years, and since 2014 as the author and presenter of the historical project "The Kyiv Stories".

"He was a kind person overall. It is very difficult to talk of Andriy as of someone who is dead. He was a very good person. Very emotional sometimes, demanding both of the program and of everyone else. Spoke Ukrainian all the time, despite being from Donetsk oblast. He loved Ukraine very, very much," said Yulia Kyba, "Kyiv" director.

Andriy went to defend Ukraine with the start of the full-scale invasion.

Andriy Zahoruyko served in a MANPADS platoon in the 25th separate rifle battalion. Since July, he has been carrying out combat missions in Donetsk oblast. He was killed near Bakhmut on November 3, 2022. Andriy came under Russian mortar and artillery fire near Spirne village, Bakhmut district, while returning from combat with his comrades. It is only now, months after the tragedy, that his body could be buried, "Telegraf" reports.

Andriy Zahoruyko was born on September 9, 1974 in Donetsk oblast. In 1996, he graduated from the Mathematics Faculty of Donetsk State University with honors. According to the "Kyiv" website, he had been a teacher for eight years.

His television career started in 2004 at the production studio "Finfort TV" in Donetsk, where he worked as a director, screenwriter, and cameraman.

In 2006–2009, he worked as a director of historical projects on the "Tonis" TV channel, in 2009–2012 he had a similar position on the "City" TV channel.

Photo: Yan Dobronosov/Telegraf

According to IMI, Serhiy Klymenko became the 48th media person to die as a result of Russian aggression in Ukraine. Of those, eight died while performing journalistic work, 40 died as combatants or were killed by Russian shelling, not in the course of their journalistic work.

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