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Kropivnytsky media holding CBN reinforced with its own TV channel

24.01.2019, 15:04
Since the 1st of February the new TV channel “Viter” (is part of CBN media holding) appeared in digital broadcasting space of Kirovograd region, as to IMI correspondent in Kirovogradska region. At first, the TV channel is to be broadcasted in two towns Kropivnytsky and Oleksandria. Further, the broadcasting is to be extended to all the region. At the beginning, Viter TV channel will broadcast three newscasts, a sport and a music programs and a talk show for youth. In addition, the TV channel is to broadcast films and TV series. The factual owner of this media holding which includes newspapers Narodne slovo, Kirovogradska Pravda, Ukrfaina-Center and news web-site CBN, is a limited liability partnership “Central Ukrainian bureau of news” whose director is Vadym Murovanny, former general director of Kirovogradska regional TV and radio broadcasting company. Oleh Zasko is final beneficiary owner of the company. The co-founders are cooperative “Union of editorial boards of regional newspapaer “Kirovogradska Pravda”, cooperative “Editorial board of newspaper Narodne slovo, cooperative Editorial board of newspaper “Ukraina center”. Oleh Zasko therewith owns companies related to journalism, as partnership company Kirovogradpressgroupa, partnership company TV and radio company Kontakt-LTD, partnership company TV and radio company Intelkon, partnership company Kurier, partnership company TV and radio broadcasting company Skifia FM.
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