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Kanal 5 prevented from working in airport “Kyiv”

09.01.2020, 14:26
Photo credit: Kanal 5
Photo credit: Kanal 5

Kanal 5 TV crew was denied entry to the terminal “B” at the airport “Kyiv” on January 8, as Kanal 5 reported it on its website.

Several TV crews with different TV channels came to the capital's airport “Kyiv” trying to find out whether the president Volodymyr Zelensky could return to Ukraine on board of the plave belonging to a MP from “Opposition Platform - For Life”.

As a correspondent for Kanal 5 Valerya Pavlenko said, as of 8 pm, only the Channel 5 TV crews and another TV crew left there to wait for the plane at the airport. Then the journalists with Kanal 5 went to the business terminal, thinking that the President would arrive there. Pavlenko said that was there the clash happened.

“Some persons approached us, as we got it, these were security officials and at first, they asked us not to come closer to the gate and not to take pictures. But we didn't tell us exactly what not to film and why,” Pavlenko said.

Then, according to the journalist, a motorcade started to enter the terminal through the gate. “I cannot say that this was a motorcade of the president of Ukraine, because we did not see any car numbers, nor Zelensky himself. At first, the motorcade started to enter the gate of the business terminal, where we were not allowed. Then a row occured,” she said.

On January 8, due to the "International Airlines of Ukraine" place crash in Iran, the head of state Volodymyr Zelensky interrupted his visit to Oman and returned to Ukraine. 

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