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Kafa newspaper reports DDoS-attack

19.03.2013, 04:50
Kafa newspaper (Feodosia) reported about a DDoS attack on its web-site, which lasted for at least three days, during March 11-14, as well as a massive posting of provocative comments at website. This information was publicized by Kafa newspaper publisher Iryna Prokopiuk.

The journalists connect the attacks on the web-site linked with a publication of news about a high-profile traffic accident in Feodosia involving an ambulance car and a car of SBU.

The news turned very big attention in Feodosia, and the site published a series of news on further developments - including a rally in support of the driver of ambulance car.

According to Prokopyuk, after the publication of the information about the rally, there appeared comments on the web-site, trying to deny or distort this information. "We noticed that there started a mass registration of visitors who would like to leave a message or comment… They began to report misinformation about changing the time of the rally, or that rally participants will be paid money for participation, etc.. We were forced to turn to the organizers of the rally with a request to refute such reports and to provide accurate information "- said Irina Prokopyuk.

The site also did not work properly because of massive DDoS attacks. Currently, the web-site works, but to restore its operation, the newspaper had to turn to IT specialists and paid for their services.

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