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Journalists forbidden to walk around government building

19.03.2013, 04:34
 On March 13, 2013, journalists were forbidden to walk around the government’s building during sessions of the Cabinet. STB TV-station journalist Olga Chervakova claimed this on her Facebook page.

"The Cabinet of strict regime. From today, journalists are forbidden to walk in the government’s building during meetings of the Cabinet. For three or four hours, during the meeting, all the journalists must be in a special section behind the fence, built by "the government of reformers" in the early days of their term. Now, one cannot go to a drugstore, to drink water or (for smokers) go out for a smoke break during the long pauses between planned briefings of ministers. One also cannot do anything useful from a professional point of view – because the press has no access to Ministers as well "- she wrote.

Earlier, the journalists had an opportunity to record short interviews with ministers before and after the governments meetings. In 2011, after the repairs, the hall for briefings moved to the floor below the government’s meeting room. Obviously, the presence of media irritated ministers, suggests Olga Chervakova.

Earlier, the session hall of the government was fenced from media with black ribbons.

Spokesmen of Cabinet repeatedly promised to remove these tapes. Specifically, Director of Information and Communication of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers Serhiy Nagoryanskiy claimed on February 18: "In two weeks, no one will ask questions about the "black ribbons" in the Cabinet." However, the problem became even worse. 

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