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Journalists feel the most stress from worrying about their families, finances, and the future – IMI survey

09.09.2022, 17:33

86% of journalists feel an increase in stress due to the fact that they have to worry more about family, finances, and the future in general.

These are the results of an anonymous targeted survey conducted by the Institute of Mass Information in August 2022, which included 217 journalists from all regions of Ukraine*.

According to IMI's survey, 57% of the interviewed journalists reported that now they have to constantly worry about their own safety and the safety of their relatives.

30% of the journalists noted that it is difficult for them to plan their days and stick to those plans, and 21% are experiencing increased stress due to having to resettle amidst the war**.

19% of the respondents reported experiencing loneliness (for example, in the case of involuntary displacement, relocation); 13% of the respondents are experiencing increased tension and anxiety in their relationship with their partner.

*The research was carried out through an anonymous online survey based on an interactive structured questionnaire. Links to the questionnaire were sent out to potential respondents – journalists and editors. A total of 230 responses were received, of which 13 respondents do not work in the media/journalism field, so the analysis included 217 responses from media workers. 29% of the respondents are from the central regions of Ukraine, 21% are from the south, 19% are from the west, 12% are from the north, 11% are from the east and 8% are from Kyiv city. 64% are women, 35% are men, 1% other genders. The survey was conducted in August 2022.

**The sum of the answers does not equal 100%, as the respondents could choose multiple answers.

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