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Journalists demand that Dmytro Pletenchuck be reinstated as head of tactical unit "Grim" press office

23.05.2023, 15:24
Photo: Dmytro Pletenchuck on Facebook
Photo: Dmytro Pletenchuck on Facebook

Ukrainian journalists demand that Dmytro Pletenchuk be reinstated as head of the tactical unit "Grim" press office.

This is said in their letter to the Minister of Defense, Oleksiy Reznikov; the commander of the "Odesa" JSMU, Major General Eduard Moskalyov; acting head of the Directorate for Information Policy in Defense and Strategic Communications at the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Iryna Makarenko; and General Staff Liaison Officer, Colonel Inna Malevych.

It will be recalled that reports of Dmytro Pletenchuk's suspension came late on May 22, following his Facebook post about the downed Russian aircraft Su-35. Dmytro later deleted the post. However, the report was later confirmed by the Air Force Command.

In the letter, the journalists state that they "firmly disagree with the dismissal of 3rd rank captain Dmytro Pletenchuk from his position of head of the tactical unit "Grim" (Kherson) press office."

According to them, Dmytro Pletenchuk is a reliable and conscientious expert who has repeatedly facilitated the efficient and effective work of each of the journalists.

"This enabled the Ukrainian and international communities to receive up-to-date information about the gains of the Ukrainian army and the war crimes committed by the Russian Federation. Was an official investigation carried out and were the specific negative consequences of Dmytro Pletenchuk's Facebook post identified? Were disciplinary measures applied to him, such as a reprimand instead of a publicized managers' decision?" the letter says.

The journalists also stress that the representatives of OC "South" "have already made and/or continue to make decisions that are directly or indirectly detrimental to the information strategy of our country's resistance, deliberately complicating, and sometimes making impossible, the work in the southern area." "It should be noted that the content we created was demonstrating our fight against the enemy and covering the life in the de-occupied territories, often despite OC 'South', not thanks to them," the letter says.

In addition to Pletenchuk's reinstatement, the journalists also ask the officials consider possible improvement and streamlining of the communication and staff policy of the OC "South" press office.

The letter was signed by 100 journalists.

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