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Journalist wants Polish customs officer to be punished for offending her honor and dignity

30.08.2017, 17:43
Journalist, author of many investigations on the TV Halyna Rospopa for two weeks has been trying to bring to responsibility the customs officer of Poland, who started to offend her verbally and fined her without any good reason. She reported this in her Facebook entry, Lvivskyi portal informs. As it became known from the entry, it is quite hard to bring the rude officer to responsibility. According to her, with the help of Polish lawyer Przemyslaw Lis-Markiewicz, an official complaint was prepared already, but the Polish consulate refused to notarize the signature of the complaining individual and to send the complaint to the border guards. She could not notarize the complaint with a Ukrainian notary, too, as they have no rights to do it for documents in Polish. So she had to send the letter with her complaint as a journalist request. As the media outlet reminds, on August 18 an officer of customs service of Poland verbally offended and yelled at Halyna Rospopa, and also fined her. The polish officer said: “We had enough of you all Ukrainians, they opened the borders so you think you can do what you want, they let you into Europe, kurwa, the only thing we can do is to punish you with money”.
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