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Journalist Petro Shuklinov joins the UAF

07.11.2023, 16:07
Photo: Petro Shuklinov on Facebook
Photo: Petro Shuklinov on Facebook

Journalist and co-founder of the charity foundation "Nesemos'!", Petro Shuklinov, joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He announced this on Facebook.

"Officially joined the UAF. I serve the people of Ukraine. I swear to be loyal. To protect and defend the people in challenging times. This is the highest honor. Thank you for it," he wrote.

He called on citizens to support the military and to donate every month: "not 1%, not 10%. And not once every six months. Donate significant sums, 25–35–45% of your income," because “a soldier does not give just 10% of his life. A soldier gives everything."

"And don't get me wrong. There is no scenario where the war stops without our victory. Each of you is a potential victim. Right now, Russia doesn't have the resources to kill you. But if we stop, they will come after everyone. They'll drown everyone in 'Novichok'. They will find a bullet, a bomb or a torture basement for everyone. We can only win by liberating Ukraine. Then our enemy will collapse. And with him, the threat will disappear for a decade or two. That's why I'm enlisting. And you have to donate," he wrote.

After the army, Petro Shuklinov plans to go back to journalism.

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