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Journalist of "Nashi Hroshi" receives threats because of story about General Prosecutor’s Office

24.09.2014, 00:50

The journalist of the program “Nashi Hroshi” of the TV channel ZIK Alina Stryzhak was filming a story about the General Prosecutor’s Office when she received threats to her and to her family. This was reported by the “Nashi Hroshi” program’s website.

Since the beginning of September, Alina Stryzhak began preparing a program about the General Prosecutor’s substitutes. One of its stories was about Vitaly Yarema’s substitute Anatoly Danylenko, whose family illegally came into possession of the land and lakes in state property. In several days before the program was to be aired, Stryzhak received an message from a colleague’s email with some materials that turned out to be a virus, and on the next day, an unidentified man came to her apartment with threats to her and to her family and told her to drop the investigations.  Stryzhak called the police and submitted a complaint; now his face photo composite will be proliferated in social media. 

The author and host of the program “Nashi Hroshi” Denys Bihus emphasized that he is the author of the program and whatever claims or questions or dissatisfaction about it should be addressed to him directly, not to his staff. Also, Bihus mentioned that during the filming a story about Danylenko his security took away the crew’s tripod and refused to return it. 

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