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Journalist of “1+1” filed complaint to police against government functionary

23.05.2019, 17:04
Photo: screenshot from Volodymyr Tymofiychuk's video
Volodymyr Timofiychuk, journalist of the "1+1" TV channel, claimed he had been prevented from accomplishing his professional activity by a functionary of Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers. The incident occurred on May 15th after the Cabinet of ministers meeting, when the journalist was going to approach the Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko and to ask him to make some comments, the Senior specialist of the secretariat Ihor Konopatsky barred him the way. . "He did not let me approach the minister and get information. I guess the question is rhetorical, why us. Because, firstly, it was a TV channel, it was evident it was “1+1". And, secondly, he clearly knew I was going to approach the Minister of Justice and to ask him some inconvenient questions. Actually, as I got now, its employees, although they are billed as representatives of the press service of the Cabinet of the ministers, for the most part they act as bodyguards," the journalist said. As Tymofiychuk told, he was unable to do his job. "I had an editorial task from the editor to get some information for the “Ukraine scoops” program. But, actually, I was unaable to fulfill my editorial task, and shooting was deranged", Timofiychuk said. On May 21st, the journalist lodged a complaint to the police.
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