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Journalist Liubov Velychko filed complaints to the police on threats to kill and obstruction

29.07.2020, 18:28

Journalist Liubov Velychko filed to Brovary police department two complaints concerning death threats against her, and obstruction of her journalist activities after publication of her investigation about Russian Telegram channels “Telega" for the Servant. How Telegram channels that probably get updated from Russia affect the work of the Rada”.

She published the relevant video address on July 29 at her Facebook.

“I just filed two complaints about threats against me and my life after I wrote investigation on how Telegram channels influence the work of the Verkhovna Rada and the President”, she said.

According to her, she met the chief of Brovary police department, and he assured her that the case will be investigated "in maximally objective manner". She was questioned by the local investigators for to hours, and she thinks that they take her complaint very seriously.

 “Tomorrow they will open two criminal proceedings - one is threat to murder, the other one is obstruction to journalist activities. In the first case, the suspects are unknown individuals who threatened to murder me for my investigation in Facebook. In the second case, one of the suspects probably will be Olha Shariy, she is the wife of the scandalous blogger Anatoliy Shariy, and the head of his party. Under this second complaint, there is video where she continuously pours dirty language on me, and pressures me as a journalist”, Velychko wrote. 

Also, the journalist added, in the second case she mentioned Telegram channels "Resident" and "Legitimnyi", along with 8 other Telegram channels, “which were pressuring me for a week, wrote various fakes, and poured dirt on me”. 

Liubov Velychko intends to update her readers about how the investigation proceeds.

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