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Journalist from Kotovsk believes his life is in danger

14.05.2014, 21:21

The journalist and «Telekrytyka» blogger from Kotovsk (Odesa oblast) Oleksander Yaroshenko, who uses a pen-name Serhiy Levytanenko, believes that the attack on him on the eve of May 12 was an attempt to kill him as a revenge for his journalist activities. According to him, at night unidentified men in balaclavas entered his apartment through the window and started beating him while accusing him of not loving Russia. He resisted. They started to strangle him but he escaped through the window and ran to the forest. He went to a friend of his to call police but when he called them he was informed that a patrol was already there as there was a fire in that building. The masked men put his apartment on fire. It burned completely. Yaroshenko sustained numerous injuries to the face, his head, and his torso.   

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