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Journalist forbidden to take photos of pancakes at fest organized by Party of Regions

19.03.2013, 07:36
 On March 17, 2013, in Zaporizhzhya, during the celebration of Maslenitsa holiday, correspondent of "Zaporizhzhya. Comments» website Iryna Dubchenko was not allowed to take photos of pancakes, the edition reported.

Dubchenko told IMI that the pancake holiday was organized by the Executive Committee of the Zaporizhzhya City Council and the Department of Culture, with the support of the Party of Regions.

The furnace, where the pancakes were baked, was surrounded with a fence, and Dubchenko tried to pass it to take better pictures of the baking process. However, she was approached by a man, who, paying no attention to the journalist card, asked Dubchenko to leave the territory, and added: "We were told that only one journalist is allowed here. He is a boy. "

Dubchenko argued that they hampered her professional activities, but the man recommended her to solve the issue with the Party of Regions. "He said - go agree everything with our leadership. When I asked who is your leadership, he said - the Party of Regions, "- Dubchenko told IMI.

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