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Journalist Bihus deleted anti-vaccine program from Youtube

15.01.2020, 18:55
Photo credit: Screenshot from Denys Bihus's video
Photo credit: Screenshot from Denys Bihus's video Project Manager Denys Bihus said the program “Geometry L” involving opponents to vaccination was the first video that the editorial board has ever removed from its YouTube channel. He said it in a video message, which he posted on Facebook on January 15, according to MediaSapiens.

In the video, he explained why on January 14, the program "Geometry L" disappeared from YouTube channel.

“Viewing response, this program came straight into a social trauma that I never knew it existed. This can explain, but does not excuse me as an editor and project manager whose image faced some damage. Since I am not a specialist in this type of trauma, I do not want to "dig in" anymore. The program hjas been removed from the channel. This is the first video we have ever deleted,  Bigus said in the video.

He assured that the program was not to ​​promote the idea of anti-vaccination or presenting a "different opinion". Denys Bihus said he had been vaccinated and "was not a supporter of an opposite view."

“I would like to show people who do exist… I find it difficult to take seriously that someone who looks at this program will reconsider their view and will support ideas of vaccination. However, if this "someone" really exists, I offer him my deep and sincere apologies, "said Denis Bigus.

Earlier, the Media Sapeins reported that the program of Denis Bigus only presented the position of anti-vaccine supporters, who voiced, in particular, some non-confirmed or manipulative data. This was discussed in the text " Autism, Homeopathy and Buying Certificates": what's wrong with the program involving opponents of vaccination. "

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