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Journalist beaten in Cherkassy. He remains in critical condition

06.05.2019, 13:06
Photo credit: Vadym Komarov Facebook
On May 4th, some unknown persons beat journalist and video blogger Vadym Komarov. He is in critical condition in hospital now, the victim got open cranio-cerebral trauma. The surgery lasted 2 hours. “His condition is critical now. He remains in intensive care room. For next three days I can no prppovide any prognostics on”, as Oleksander Fedoruk, Chief medical officer of the 3rd Cherkassy municipal hospital, told interwviewed by the edition ‘18000”. The incident was reported by Oleksander Radutsky, municipal council deputy, and journalist Serhiy Kuzlyaev on Facebook. By 9 a.m. the journalist with broken head was found out by some passers-by at the Nadpilna and the Heavenly Hundred streets intersection in Cherkassy, as to edition “Procherk” (Blank) . They called emergency. The police instituted the criminal proceeding on the grounds of articel121 paragraph 1st (Intentional grievous bodily harm”) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. According to the police, the incident happened around 9 a.m., the journalist was walking in he street, as someone assaulted him, beat him and ran away. The case of robbery is not plausible, as the assaulter took nor money of the injured person, neither his telephone, as to edition “Dzvin” (Ringing). The physicians found that, the most probably, the penetrating blow would be delivered with a hammer, so the aim would be to commit murder, as to “Dzvin”. The colleagues of Komarov considered this assault was linked to his journalistic investigations, in particular, with this one that spoke on condition of penitentiary establishement #62 in Cherkaska region., involving embezzlement of budget funds, illegal construction, corruption cases in municipal council of Cherkassy. IMI informed, on September 7th, 2016, in Cherkassy some unknown person fired a shot at Vadym Komarov, but the bullet hit the wall. The police had instituted the criminal proceeding based on the article 269 “Hooliganism act” of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. On July 18, 2017, Vadym Komarov had been beaten by one of employees of a construction company controlled by a elected person of the regional council. The reason would be the journalist was protesting against building up near Dnipro river.
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