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Investigative journalist Mykhailo Tkach stated he was under audio surveillance

10.08.2020, 14:38

Journalist of the program "Skhemy" of Radio Liberty, Mykhailo Tkach stated that he noticed some indications of an audio surveillance device installed at his home.

This was reported by Ukrainska pravda with a reference to the Facebook post by Tkach

The journalist wrote that for several weeks already he was warned several times that his journalist activities irritates the high officials and they set in motion some "workings" against him. 

The journalist called the police and expects to see a team of investigators from them.

Among the latest investigations of Tkach in the program “Skhemy”, there are materials about violation of traffic regulations by high officials and about the President Volodymyr Zelensky moving to the state-owned resident in Koncha-Zaspa.

Editor-in-chief, Natalka Sidletska, informed via her Facebook, that the journalists of “Skhemy” volunteered to guard the attic of the building where Tkach lives to protect possible evidence of the surveillance, “Detector Media” reports. 

According to her, National Police published the news that the criminal proceeding is registered, yet “no audio surveillance devices were found”. Later the news was updated with information that the police will check the location for more evidence. Sidletska informed that the investigators did not have any special equipment with them when they tried to study what was inside the hole drilled in the ceiling of Tkach's room. She also added that Tkach's colleagues continue guarding the attic of the house to prevent destruction of evidence that might be found there.

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