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Investigation into terrorist attack near Espresso TV in 2017 completed

15.02.2022, 18:38
Oksana Blyshchyk's Facebook
Oksana Blyshchyk's Facebook

Police have completed a pre-trial investigation regarding two people suspected of organizing and committing a terrorist attack near the office of Espresso TV channel in October 2017. This was a murderous attack against the MP Ihor Mosiychuk, as GPO reported

The attack caused death of two people and three other persons, Ihor Mosiychuk includingly, got  injured. The MP, a political scientist and a passer-by were injured by ball bearings from an improvised explosive device. The MP’s security guard and another passer-by died from injuries.

The suspects are accused of encroaching on the life of a statesman, committing a terrorist act, illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives, as well as illegal manufacture of ammunition, explosives or explosive devices (Article 112, Part 3, Article 258, Part 1). Article 263, Part 2 of Article 263-1 of the Criminal Code). 

The investigation established that on October 25, 2017, the explosion occurred near the office of the TV channel in the street of Adam Mickiewicz in Kyiv, when Igor Mosiychuk and political scientist Vitaliy Bala, accompanied by a security guard, went outside after participating in a live broadcast. The suspects used a homemade radio-controlled explosive device with a capacity of 450 grams of TNT, which was placed in a motor bicycle left by them at the entrance to the TV channel.

The suspects are citizens of Ukraine. One of them is a native of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Afterwards, one of the perpetrators went to Russia via Belarus and the other went tto Crimea. These persons are put on a wanted list.

The investigators identified an accomplice who assisted in manufacturing of the explosive device. He is a resident of Kyiv and the indictment against him is already pending in the Solomianskyi District Court of Kyiv.

Two perpetrators fled investigation, the note of suspicion for them were issued in absentia. Currently, the investigation has been completed and the indictments will be sent to court for consideration on the merits.

As IMI reported, on October 25, 2017, in Kyiv, near the building of the TV channel “Espresso” office, there was an explosion, which caused injuries of MP from Radical Party Ihor Mosiychuk, and the director of the Agency of Modelling Situations, Vitaliy Bala. Two other men were killed by the explosion: the MP's personal body guard, 31-yar-old police sergeant Ruslan Kushnir, and former police officer, 36-year-old Mykhailo Mormyl', who was passing by the location at the time of the explosion.

The case was instituted to probe in terrorist attack, under Art. 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The Kyiv Prosecutor's Office considered the attack on the journalists of the editorial office as one of the leads of the terrorist attack near the building of the Espresso TV channel.

On April 3, 2018, the then head of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak announced the detention of a person suspected of organizing a terrorist act near the Espresso TV channel.

On April 5, 2018, law enforcement officers reported that the explosion near the Espresso TV channel was an attempt on the life of People's Deputy Ihor Mosiychuk.

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