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Interpreter accompanying a foreign journalist injured in the strike on Kramatorsk

30.06.2023, 15:59

Dmytro, an interpreter accompanying a foreign journalist, was injured in the Russian strike on Kramatorsk on June 27.

Dmytro told IMI about this.

According to him, they were in the restaurant that was hit by the missile. Dmytro and the journalist have minor injuries. He and his colleague feel normal, they refused to be hospitalized.

"I have relatively light physical injuries and now, on the second day, I got a headache. But this, as I understand it, is how concussion normally goes. I hope it will pass," the interpreter said.

Dmytro asked not to disclose his name because he does not want his relatives to learn about his injuries.

Recalling the moment of the shelling, Dmytro said he and the reporter were sitting on the summer terrace. The restaurant was busy that evening.

"A kind of a roar, like a fighter jet engine, but it all happened very quickly, and then – an explosion. Just like that, very simple. Everything in my view became shaky. Sparks, flashes. It was all over in a few seconds. I got up from the table, realized that I still got my arms and legs, I was very happy about that, and we went to the basement," Dmytro recalled the moment of the impact.

He added that as he was walking down to the basement, he felt something very hot on his head. It was blood; he was given first aid in the basement.

After that, Dmytro noted, he suggested that his colleague leave the restaurant, as he assumed that the Russians could hit it again in about 20 minutes.

"We left, got up. I dug out my bag, my car keys. My power bank. She took her bag, and we headed to the spot where I had parked my car. The car is destroyed almost completely, like a tin can – everything is squished to the inside. There were no windows, but the engine did start," said Dmytro.

Then, they went to the hospital, where Dmytro got his face injury stitched up and his hand and head bandaged.

It will be recalled that Russian troops launched a missile strike on Kramatorsk in the evening of June 27. One "Iskander" missile hit a pizzeria in the city center, where patrons, including journalists, were dining.

Two reporters were injured – a British freelance photographer, Anastasia Taylor-Lind, and a journalist from South America, Catalina Gómez.

On June 28, SBU counter-intelligence detained a Russian agent who helped aim the Russian missile strike on a cafe in downtown Kramatorsk.

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