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Insider’s journalist shard how he was beaten when being captive by Ukrainian military

13.06.2014, 14:31

On June 3, in the village of Dovhenke, Kharkiv oblast, Ukrainian military detained the journalist of the Insider online media outlet Anton Vodiany, who went there on an editorial assignment. They interrogated the journalist, beat him and threatened. They released him on the next day.  

According to Vodiany, he was detained by a military patrol around 5 p.m. when he was talking to some soldiers. He believes they were right to do so as he was a civilian and they had to check his identity.

They covered his eyes and took him to some other place where interrogated him. He believed his papers and his accreditation with the Security Service of Ukraine were in order but the military told him they did not have his name on the list. So, they handcuffed him, beat him for 4 hours, shot a pistol near his ear, and threatened him with torture and death. 

They released him on the next morning and told him it was a security measure. He was taken by foot outside the village and allowed to leave.

The Insider management sent an official letter to the Ministry of Defenсe with a request to conduct internal investigation of this incident. 

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