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Independent Media Trade Union says someone created fake website of its Kyiv branch

14.12.2014, 23:38

The Independent media trade union of Ukraine informs that unidentified individuals created a fake website of Kyiv independent media trade union, which copies the official website of the Independent media trade union of Ukraine ( in its content and design. For registration of the fake website the name of the actual head of the Trade Union, Yuriy Lukanov, was used without him knowing about this. In reality, Kyiv branch of the trade union does not have its separate website.

The Independent media trade union mentions another attempt to compromise its members – manipulative articles in the Russian newspaper “Zavtra”, signed “Andriy Yanitskiy”, and this is the name of the editor of the economic block of the website

The media trade union asks the journalists to investigate who is faking the website and using the name of Andriy Yanitskiy.

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