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In Zaporozhye journalist hit in face at rally in front of National police office

12.06.2019, 18:17
Photo credits: screenshot from video of Viktoriya Petrova
On June 4th, in Zaporizhia, a journalist for the local edition “Forpost” (Outpost) Victoriya Petrova has been injured at a rally near the building of the main directorate of the National Police in Zaporizhzhya region, according to the “Forpost” website. The walkout was to demand bring to justice the murderers of a five-year-old boy Kyril Tlyavov, who had been shot by the policemen in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky (Kyiv region). As the newspaper reported, the journalist was not targeted, she was found out to be exposed to the blow accidentally, as the anti-riot policemen attacked one of the activists. "So. In Zaporizhzhya, a rally under the directorate of the ministry of the interior was also held following the killing by drunken policemen of Kyryl. In the lobby, there were sitting morons with helmets, bats and shields, ready to disperse protesters. In the last video (one could see-n/t) me, who got hit by the anti-riot men. They assaulted an activist due to a skirmish on Facebook. I stood there by on the way occasionally, " the journalist posted a news on her Facebook page. The regional IMI’s representative has confirmed that Viktoriya Petrova had been hit accidentally
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