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In Zaporizhzhia, plant security guard broke camera of channel 24 journalists

19.02.2018, 01:50
In Zaporizhzhia, on February 15, a security guard  of state enterprise “Kremniypolimer” broke the camera of the journalists of channel 24, trying to take it away. Before this, the journalists took footage with a comment of one of the administrators of the plant. Journalist of channel 24 Vladyslav Kruglov reported this to IMI. The filming crew was taking footage for the story about how employees of the plant cannot get their salaries and how the enterprise has debts for electricity. Initially the administration was willing to talk to the journalists, but after the interview with the administration, security guards attacked the journalists trying to take their camera, yelling, and grabbing their microphone. They said their boss ordered to destroy all footage that was taken by the journalists. The filming crew had to call the police to get back to the plant territory, and filed an official complaint about the crime.
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