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In Yavoriv, activist received death threats for recording video of budget commission session

21.01.2015, 21:17

On January 15, during the session of the budget commission of Yavorivska rayon council (Lvivska oblast), activist of local People's Self-Defense Yuriy Kentsapo, who was recording the session using his video camera for publications, received threats to get killed unless he stopped the recording.

The actual record shows that one of the deputies of rayon council Hryhoriy Babiy, says: “If I see my picture somewhere in the Internet, I will know where it came from. And you know me. I have a gun. So I tell you with all kindness, my friend, I will shoot you”.  According to the activist, the deputy also assaulted him physically - beating his head with a bottle, holding his neck, pouring water on him.

According to information from ZIK, in 2012 Hryhoriy Babiy was dismissed from the position of the head of education department of Yavorivska State Administration for abuse in the sphere of budget legislation, causing loss of almost UAH 800 thousand.

The head of the council’s standing commission, principal of village school Rostyslav Kanus also was actively impeding the activist, and other deputies did not even try to stop their colleagues, informs. In his comment for ZIK, Babiy emphasized the fact that Kentsap is not officially a journalist, so he had no right to record the session. Kentsapo claimed that his NGO plans to issue a newspaper as soon as he gathers materials. Both Kentsapo and Babiy filed complaints to the police. 

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