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In Volynska Oblast Council, journalists were denied information on the conditions of work of "Varta Poriadku" that operates as security guards there

29.08.2017, 14:07
The officials of Volynska oblast council refused to inform the journalists who were conducting investigation for “Slidstvo.Info” on what conditions the civil formation “Varta Poriadku” ("Order Guards") functions as a security in the council building. This was the story produced based on investigation of journalists Arina Krapka and Yuriy Horbach for the program “Slidstvo.Info”. In the investigation, the civil formation is called an informal paramilitary structure of the head of Volynska oblast council Ihor Palytsia. The investigators also point out in their story that the representatives of “Varta Poriadku” receive their salaries in cash, although for civil formations this is forbidden by the law. In the story of “Slidstvo.Info”, there was footage of  Palytsia's subordinates refusing to answer any questions on camera. Yuriy Horbach asked the administrator of the executive department of Volynska Oblast Council Dmytro Dubniak if they can interview Ihor Palytsia. Dmytro Dubniak said they can send their questions in writing, and refused to discuss the interview. Journalists from Lutsk Arina Krapka and Yuriy Horbach several times tried to request information from the civil formation “Varta Poriadku” and “Ihor Palytsia Foundation “Tilky Razom” when they investigated for “Slidstvo.Info”. The journalists were interested in financing of their organization by Ihor Palytsia. Yet “Varta Poriadku” and the Palytsia Foundation did not provide any actual response to the requests of the journalists. As IMI reported before, in August SBU, in cooperation with the prosecutor's office, exposed an organized group using the front of the civil formation "Varta Poriadku" that was illegally recording and monitoring citizens, including officials of several governmental agencies. On May 10, 2017, journalist from Lutsk Arina Krapka (Iryna Musiy) sued Palytsia Charity Foundation “Tilky Razom” for not providing requested information about spending of funds since 2014. The specific question that the journalist was interested in before the trial was financing of "Varta Poriadku" by the Foundation.
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