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In Vinnytsia, rally participant obstructed journalist who recorded footage of protest

29.01.2018, 19:35
On January 28, in Vinnytsia, a rally participant was impeding the chief editor of local online media outlet “Vezha” ("Tower"), Andriy Kachor, to take footage of the protest action, “Vezha” reports. As the media outlet reports, the rally participants showed an aggressive attitude to the journalist. The rally was against the construction of a separate memorial to the Heavenly Hundred. The correspondent of “Vezha” experienced several attempts to obstruct his work, as the rally participants tried to knock the camera right off his hands. As Andriy Kachor reported in his comment for IMI, at the start several men pulled him out from the center of the clash, surrounded and demanded to stop the recording. “They demanded me to show my ID, and in the process knocked my glasses from my face. Laster, I approached one of them with camera on, and asked why he was obstructing my recording. After this question, the man again hit the camera twice”, he said. Andriy also said that he was not filing a complaint to the police regarding this issue. “After experiencing similar situation (with many witnesses and video footage as proof) where they did not even start any kind of official case process, I do not address the police of Vinnytsia with things like this”,  he said. According to the media outlet, there was a clash between two rallies at Heavenly Hundred Square in the city - one rally demanded not to install new minument to the heroes of the Revolution of Dignity, and to return a memorial to Shevchenko there. Other rally members demanded to cease political speculations and degrading of the memory of the perished heroes of the Maidan.
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