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In Ukraine, four journalists killed since February 24. At least six were injured - IMI

14.03.2022, 09:27

In Ukraine, four journalists have been killed by the occupying forces since the Russian invasion. At least six media workers were wounded. 

These are the data that since the beginning of the war on February 24 the Institute of Mass Information records the facts of Russia's crimes against the media and journalists.

Among the killed journalists: 

Shakirov Dealerbek , citizen journalist of the news weekly "Navkolo tebe" (he was shot dead on February 26 in the suburbs of Kherson with automatic weapons);

Yevgeny Sakun , cameraman for LIVE TV channel ( died on March 1 during the Russian rocket attack on the TV tower in Kyiv);

Victor Dudar , the military journalist ( was lost on March 6 during fights with the Russian invaders near Nikolaev);

Brent Renaud, a former correspondent for The New York Times ( shot dead on March 13 in Irpen at a checkpoint).

In addition, according to IMI, at least six journalists were wounded in shelling by the Russian occupiers: 

-two Danish journalists from Ekstra-Bladet - journalist Stefan Weihert and photographer Emil Filtenborg ( were wounded on February 2-6 in the Sumy region near the town of Okhtyrka, when their car came under fire);

-the correspondent of the British TV channel Sky News Stuart Ramsey ( was wounded in the shelling by Russian troops in Bucha in Kyiv region on February 28. Channel operator Richie Mokler was rescued by a bulletproof vest). 

-Swiss journalist Guillaume Bricke (wounded on March 6 in the Mykolaiv region as a result of the Russian shelling of the car in which he was. He was also robbed. At the same time, the occupiers clearly saw the "press" sign on the car);

-Radio Liberty correspondent Marian Kushnir ( wounded in the March 11 rocket attack near Kyiv); 

-American journalist Juan Diego Herrera Arredondo ( wounded on March 13 in Irpen near Kyiv as a result of shelling by Russian troops).

In addition, the journalist of Hromadsky Victoria Roshchina came under Russian fire in Zaporizhia , her car in which she was was robbed . Two Russian Voxpot journalists , Maida Slamova and Vojtech Bogach , were also shelled by Russian troops .

It will be recalled that IMI has been tracking and recording facts about Russia's crimes against journalists and the media since the February 24 attack on Ukraine.

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