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In the occupied territories, Russians fine parents for having their kids attend Ukrainian schools

16.02.2023, 12:51
Photo: Censor.NET
Photo: Censor.NET

In the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, the Russians fine parents whose children attend Ukrainian schools. This was reported by the National Resistance Center.

"Ukrainian children in the temporarily occupied territories continue to study online, but the Russians are trying to prevent this by force and herd schoolchildren to their propaganda centers. Thus, they have established 'juvenile affairs commissions' in the temporarily occupied territories; these commissions, assisted by fake courts, issue fines to parents for having their children attend Ukrainian schools," the report says.

According to the Center, the commissions organize raids, especially at the homes of children who miss many classes in "Russian schools". During these inspections, the occupiers focus on laptops and tablets that can be used to teach children.

The National Resistance Center notes that Russian schools in the TOT are purely propagandistic, which is why it is important for Russians to limit children's access to education and immerse them in the realm of the "Russian world". In these schools, children are being Russified, and the Kremlin's worldview and its vision of history are being imposed on them.

As IMI reported, some school teachers in Starobilsk district (Luhansk oblast) have sided with the Russian occupiers and search children's gadgets for signs of a pro-Ukrainian position once a week.

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