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In Sumy, prosecutor's office sues journalist to reveal her source

19.04.2016, 16:07

On April 19, Kovpakivskyi district court denied the prosecutor of local Sumy city prosecutor's office in satisfying his request, by which he asked to bind the UA:Sumy journalist Olena Adamenko to disclose her source of information, Dankor reports. The prosecutor in the court claimed that the journalist knew about the explosion (caused by a thrown grenade, as it was discovered later) in the supermarket "Market-Opti" on the eve of April 1 before it actually happened, arguing that she called to the police press service and asked if something exploded at Prokofyev street. Based on this argument, they wanted to know the journalist’s source. The journalist said that the sound her source reported (that caused her to call police) was simply the sound of a torn tire. The journalist said that she suspects that the prosecutor's office filed this request to the court to pressure her, because before she was investigating some shady business the prosecutor's office was involved in (related to work of illegal refueling stations), and received some anonymous threats regarding this case.

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