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In Odesa, security guard of a beach near hotel was obstructing work of journalist from “Skhemy”

08.09.2017, 20:51
On September 5, on one of the beaches of Odesa, the security guard of a beach near hotel was obstructing the work of the journalist of the program “Skhemy” (joint project of Radio Liberty and TV channel “UA:Pershyi”) Valeriy Yegoshina as she was taking footage for her special coverage “Seized seaside of Odesa”, Radio Liberty reports. The journalists were visiting the beaches of Odesa to check who and how violates basic human rights here, and who really owns the seaside of Odesa. “Temporary tenants of beaches take efforts to limit for the people an unobstructed access to the sea, taking fee even for the right to come close to the water, which is supposed to be free. Even more – they build private villas right on the seaside”, quoting the journalists' story. The journalists decided to check if it is possible to get to the beach of the 4-star hotel complex "Grand Pettine". Yet it turned out to be complicated from the start. “Let's go, someone needs to talk to you”, one of the security guards told the filming crew. “Turn it off… I will not let you in there with your camera", another man added, who also said he was a security guard. "Call police if you want, but you will not go further, trust me, I will not let you through”, the guard said. At that, the story continues, as soon as the man understood that the case is quite serious, he called someone and after the consultation over the phone started to deny that is a security guard. Just like the first man, who took off his T-shirt with inscription "Security" on camera. Later, he changed, but stayed where he was. The woman who introduced herself as the institution's administrator, also refused to communicate with the camera on. According to the program's information, until recently this hotel complex was owned by the company of former oblast council member from the Party of Regions, Serhiy Demydov (according to mass media, he is an old business partner of Ihor Markov, notorious former MP). The local police department of Odesa city opened a criminal proceeding based on article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Obstruction of lawful activities of joournalists”. This was reported by leading consultant of Odesa region Police Department's head Ruslan Forostiak, Radio Liberty. reports. The materials of the case were filed to the prosecutor's office.
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