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In Odesa, man in camouflage hit journalist at event in memory of those who died on May 2

02.03.2015, 18:17

In Odesa, on March 1, a man wearing a camouflage uniform hit the journalist of the informational agency “Odesa-media”, Volodymyr Pustovit.

The incident took place at Kulikovo Pole, where Odesa residents gathered to pay the tribute to memory of those, who died 10 months ago in the Trade Unions House.

As the media outlet describes it, the event was quite peaceful. At the event, the participants condemned the terrorist act in Kharkiv and expressed their mistrust in the investigation results.

Later, two men wearing camouflage uniforms approached the rally participants. The participants disliked the unwanted guests and demanded that they go away. Yet, the fighters did not want to leave, and provoked a fight; in the end they were pushed away from the crowd.

One of the fighters asked the reporter "what are you doing here?", and after receiving the answer that he was a journalist, the fighter punched the correspondent in the neck.

The media outlet mentions that this all happened in the plain view of police officers, who protected the attackers from the crowd, but did not detain them.

The media outlet suggests that, judging by the uniform, the fighters were from one of the volunteer territorial defense batallions.

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