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In Lviv, men that tortured eagles would not let Lviv24 journalists film a news story about the birds

20.11.2013, 18:11

In Lviv, unknown street vendors, who offer passers-by to take a photo with the Red Book eagles for money, were preventing the filming crew of the Lviv24 TV channel – journalist Khrystyna Shevchenko and camera operator Roman Mulenky – from filming a news story about cruelty to the birds. This was reported in the story published on the TV channel’s website.

According to the story, these entrepreneurs from Crimea kept the birds in a basement for almost a month, and police would not come when called by the journalists, and when on the fourth call they did arrive they just had a private conversation with the owner of the basement. Both times the camera crew came they were attacked by the basement owner and the street vendor, who were using foul language, hitting the camera and waving fists at them. 

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