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In Lutsk, young men demanded that journalist delete photos she made

11.08.2017, 11:15
On August 10, near Lutsk district court, young men behaved in a rude manner towards journalists who were standing near the court building. One of them also demanded that the journalist “VolynPost” Natalia Khvesyk delete photos from her camera. Khvesyk reported this to IMI representative in Volynska oblast. The journalists were waiting for the beginning of the court session in the case related to the head of the civil organization “Varta Poriadku”, Volodymyr Tyvodar. Before, SBU reported that a criminal group was using the "Varta Poriadku" as a legal forefront, and was conducting illegal video/audio recording. As  “VolynPost”, reported, from 9 A.M. journalists and people supporting Tyvodar came to the court building. The journalist of “VolynPost” Natalia Khvesyk in her comment for IMI said that some people near the court building were giving the media workers rude treatment, and one of them, a young man demanded her to delete some photos she made. Also, according to her, one of the man said that her camera looks nice and expensive - will bring good money in a pawn shop. When Natalia Khvesyk was walking on Lesi Ukrainky Street, she was approached by four unknown men. One of them ran up to her and started recording her with his phone. He asked her why she was photographing them, and Natalia answered that she is a journalist and that doing this is her job. Then he stopped recording and asked her to delete photos she made. He claimed to represent "one of civil formations". The journalist says she still has photos of this man.
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