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In Lutsk, journalist of TV and Radio Company "Avers" was forbidden to film in supermarket

16.06.2014, 16:03

On June 13, in Lutsk the filming crew of the local TV and Radio Company "Avers", which was working on the program "People’s Control", were forbidden to film at the downtown supermarket ‘Silpo’ on Vola Ave. 1. The journalist Vira Shevchuk and operators Nelia Prokopchuk and Mykola Husar were not even allowed to enter.

In another supermarket of this netwok, on Kravchuk Street 23, the journalists were not allowed inside and forbidden to film.

The journalists insisted that it was a public space and they as journalists were entitled to film there, and the security and the administration insisted it was a private territory.

According to Vitaliy Shesterin, a lawyer, no law stipulates limitations on making photos or filming in a supermarket. Moreover, if the filming crew belongs to a media outlet, it is obstruction to journalist professional activities.  

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