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In Lutsk, former judge made a comment threatening journalist

10.08.2017, 13:35
Former head of Pecherskyi court of Kyiv Mykola Zamkovenko disliked the choice of his photo that the journalist Oksana Petruk published in her Facеbook entry. “One journalist photographed me and wrote that the Botanic Garden has nothing on my summer home. He is no longer living. Killed like a board near his doorstep”, Mykola said, later adding that he meant the killed journalist Buzyna. Zamkovenko said this on August 9 in Lutsk district court. The journalist wrote about this in her Facebook entry and confirmed the same to the IMI representative in Volynska oblast. Oksana Petruk now works with a team of independent journalists to create Center of journalist investigations “Syla Pravdy” ("Power of Truth"). Mykola Zamkovenko now works as an attorney for Volyn tax officer accused of bribery, Ruslan Vandyo. Three other people from the journalist's team heard the threat, and they asked the former judge why he said this. In response, Zamkovenko laughed and said it was a joke. He also was unhappy about the journalists present at the open court session saying they are "pressuring the court". Oksana Petruk tried to find Buzyna's publication about the judge's summer house, but was not able to do it.
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