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In Lutsk city council building, entrepreneurs were not letting council members and journalist out

30.08.2017, 20:55
Today, on August 30, in Lutsk, entrepreneurs who came to the city council for a protest, were not allowing journalist and council members who wanted to leave the session hall. This was reported by IMI representative in Volynska oblast. During the session, the city council had to announce a break due to the protest of businessmen who demanded to prolong for Volyn enterprise "Oblspozhyvspilka" lease for the land where the Central market is located. The protesters were concerned about loss of their jobs, and for this reason set up this protest. There were several proposals to move the Lutsk central market from the city center, the reasons given were close location of the historical castle and several other memorable historical buildings, IMI representative reports. The journalist of “” Maryana Metelska in her comment for IMI said that when she wanted to leave the session hall to go to the bathroom, the entrepreneurs started yelling: “Go back to your place, go to council members”. She replied that she is a journalist. Still, no one was letting her go. After this, some entrepreneurs started objecting angrily, saying "If you are a journalist, why have you come to the city council?" Member of Lutsk city council Oleksandr Lazuka came up to them and explained that journalists normally work at city council sessions. After this, the journalist managed to leave. Some council members also escaped the hall using emergency exit. The journalist did not file any official complaints.
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