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In Luhansk, pro-Russian activists damaged "Ukraina" and NTN journalists' cameras and forced them to leave rally

15.03.2014, 23:51

On March 10, in Luhansk near the Oblast State Administraion participants of the pro-Russian rally damaged the journalists' equipment, in particular, the video cameras of the filming crews of two TV channels – the TV and Radio Company «Ukraina» and NTN.

The journalists came to the rally, which was taking place near the Oblast State Administraion. But its participants demanded that they switch off their cameras and accused them of being biased. After that, the crowd pushed the journalists and operators away from the square.

The police officers at the scene failed to respond at once, but their interference did not improve the situation: the operators were forced to give to the attackers the memory sticks and videotapes. 

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