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In Luhansk, pro-Russian activists captured TV company "IRTA"

15.03.2014, 23:57

In Luhansk, pro-Russian protesters captured the building of the TV company «IRTA».

The crowd broke down the entrance door, took over all offices, seized the fire extinguishers and threatened to burn down the TV company, if they were not given the original footage for the story on taking over of the building of Luhansk Oblast State Administration on March 9, so that they could destroy it. They also tried to break the TV channel's broadcasting and demanded it went off air. The police on the site failed to act. The attackers reeked of alcohol; they insulted the journalists and demanded that the journalists would go live and standing on their knees ask for forgiveness for what they said earlier. They also wanted to go live themselves so that the whole world would see them. The protesters were promised some air time, and the conflict was resolved. 

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