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In Kyiv, unidentified people threatened the journalists of channel 5, arguing that this channel belongs to Poroshenko

19.02.2018, 19:04
On February 18, in the center of Kyiv city, unidentified people were impeding and threatening the filming crew of Channel 5 after their live broadcast at Maidan Nezalezhnosti. This information was published on the website of channel 5. “Right after broadcast from “Petals march”, the journalist of Channel 5 Anna Brykova and camera operator Oleksandr Fenko were surrounded by a group of individuals. They were pulling the correspondent and the cameraman and threatened to beat them and to break their camera. The apparent reason they named was the fact that the journalists work on Channel 5, which is owned by the President of Ukraine”, the channel reported. In the end, passers-by helped the filming crew to break away from the ring of hostile people. The journalists filed official complaint to the police for obstruction of journalist activities. The event took place at Instytutska street, the location where four years ago about 100 protesters were shot by the riot police (dubbed as "Heavenly Hundred"). The crime remains largely unresolved and uninvestigated by the government, and this causes causing tensions in the day of commemoration of the Heavenly Hundred.
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