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In Kyiv, photojournalist of Kyiv was bit allowed to record what priest did during the action #bringthedoll

09.01.2018, 17:13
In Kyiv, in the evening of January 5, near the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the photojournalist of Radio Liberty Serhiy Nuzhnenko was obstructed when he tried #принеси_ляльку (#bring_the_doll). The man who came out of the Lavra building together with the priest, was obstructing the work of the journalist, demanding to remove the camera, Radio Liberty reports. Before, the correspondent was able to video record how the priest casts away the doll brought by the people as a sign of solidarity with the family of the bow who tragically died in Zaporizhzhia. “Today in the evening I recorded people who bring toys to the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, one of the toys was placed near the central entrance, and in a moment a pries came out and cast it as far away from the entrance as possible, and he was followed by a man, who started rudely obstructing the filming and threatened to break the camera. Later, the priest asked to delete the photo, and he never thought about apologizing”, – the journalist wrote in the Facebook. The action #bring_the_doll was initiated by Zaporizhzhia resident, blogger Yuriy Hudymenko, who asked Ukrainians to bring to the churches of Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchy, the dolls, as a reminder that the priests of this church refused to conduct a requiem for the boy who died because he was baptized in the church of Kyiv Patriarchy. It was because Moscow Patriarchy considers Kyiv Patriarchy "schismatics" and do not recognize them as a "real" church. The parents had to summon the priest of Kyiv Patriarchy for the requiem ritual.
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